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Do you feel alone on the web? Are you surfing sites, communities or social networks but didn’t find real connection, relationship and friendship? This time is over. Now you can find something strong, genuine and intimate.
This is, the community of one-to-one conversations.
The one-to-one conversation is the KLOG and people who save and share klogs in the community are kloggies.
The klog has two main features:
·      Topic : what about kloggies are talking
·      Scope : why kloggies are talking
In order to start klogging, a new klog must be created. The kloggie who creates the new klog is the klog owner. The owner chooses a klog title, main features (topic and scope) and other attributes. After creating the klog, the owner must send it to another kloggie, the receiver. When the receiver accepts the invitation, the klog will start.
Klog can be private or public. The klog owner set this attribute. If the klog is public, people in the community can view it and comment or valuate it as well.
The purpose of is to find a web 2.0 environment where people generate attractive content, because the dual communication is the most intimacy and cute.
WHY AND HOW TO SIGN UP is free. Everyone can access content shared by kloggies as guest or community member. Only members can create content and participate to the community.
To be a member means to be a kloggie. If you want to be a kloggie, please sign up first using the registration form or your Facebook account.
Kloggies privileges are:
·      personal profile
·      create or receive a klog and start klogging
·      visit kloggies profiles and write on their wall
·      comment and valuate klogs
·      send and receive private messages
·      chat with kloggies
To start a klog you have to be a kloggie so please sign up on right now.
To start a klog you have 3 ways:
·      create a new klog from the home page
·      send a klog to a kloggie from your profile
·      convert a chat to a klog